Prostitutes of Europe

Sonia - Brussels © Mathilde Bouvard
Sonia - Brussels © Mathilde Bouvard

Prostitutes of Europe

Another glance on prostitution


Prostitutes of Europe is a socio-artistic project with a European dimension.

Through a European City Tour, Mathilde Bouvard was getting in touch with sexworkers who willingly work in this field, taking pictures and recording their testimonies.

She was to Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Prague, Stockholm, Budapest, Hamburg, Amsterdam, Geneva, London, Bern and Marseille.


The purpose of this project is to create a series of exhibitions and allow a large public to become more aware of the social and human aspect of this activity (the prostitution) and its complex situation in Europe.

Besides, a part of any profits made with the exhibitions will be given to these associations, in order to allow them to continue their work under the best available conditions.

The project is supported by the European Community.


The exhibition was set for Paris (Théâtre de l'Odéon – European Congress on Prostitution, Night of contemporary photography – Foire St Germain, Galerie 14 in Bastille), Brussels (Maison du Livre), London (Sex Worker Open University), Berlin (ACUD), Avignon (University), in Château de Bligny - Champagne (Rencontres Femmes d'Histoire ), and Geneva (High School of Social Work).

In october 2010, Mathilde Bouvard was invited to exhib some pictures in La Monnaie de Paris, during the opening party of L'Imparfaite, magazine of the famous school of Sciences Politiques.


The exhibition was also in several press article, movies, Radio and Tv Programm, magazines (The Guardian, Rue 89, Le Soir...).


The material is diverse: 45 black & white photographs, written testimonies, pictorial compositions, sound creations and videos by Claire Fenateau ( musician and Dj ) and Clemence Demesme ( videast).


It adds to it a whole information campaign about prostitution. Indeed, confusion persists too often between sexual slavery / white slavery and individuals who choose voluntary prostitution and fight to gain recognition for their right.


Eventually, we include information about associations´ work, through papers, conferences, workshops…




To see pictures and bookpress of the exhibition, have a look to the french part

"Photo-reportages - ProstituéEs d'Europe"