LIENS (Connections) is a multidisciplinary group exhibition created by French artist and curator Mathilde Bouvard, as sort of crossroad between Contemporary Art, Science and Philosophy.
Vibrations and energies, inseparable from the communication and interdependence of living organisms on Earth; the atavistic questions of what is our place and role in this flowing universe, and what is bonding us to everything else, are the central themes of this show.

In the attempt of answering those questions, Mathilde Bouvard selected some works by French artists Anne Da Silva, Lucie O’ Moon and herself, and by musician Claire Fenateau et Raphaël Gouvy, creating a show spacing between painting, sculpture, video art, installation, music and poetry, while connecting contemporary art, botanic, mycology, marine biology, quantic physic and oriental philosophy.

Abstract paintings inspired by the five elements, breath, coral and lichen; animated paintings representing the bond between micro and macro; an installation showing strong parallels between human body and plants; floating plankton playing with transparence; written documentation, more poetic then academic, about the philosophy and science of the exhibition; and a soundtrack specifically created, are the main elements of the exhibition, and will be display in the showrooms of Luisa Catucci Gallery, Berlin, from 6th of March to 9th April 2018.