Mathilde Bouvard is a multidisciplinary artist born in 1985. She likes to cross practices (painting, etching, photography, sculpture, scenography) and disciplines (natural sciences, physics, ethnology, social work) in her work.


 Since 2006, Mathilde develops her artistic activities in Europe with exhibitions and photo-report projects, after doing several exhibitions and decors in France.


 The first one: Prostitutes of Europe, was set in Paris (Théâtre de l'Odéon – Assises Européennes de la Prostitution, Nuit de la photographie contemporaine – Foire St Germain, Galerie 14 à Bastille), Brussels (Maison du Livre), London (Sex Worker Open University), Berlin (ACUD), Avignon (Université), in the Castel of Château de Bligny (Rencontres Femmes d'Histoire , parrainées par Evelyne Bloch-Daho), and Geneva (Haute Ecole de Travail Social). , Brussels, London, Berlin, Avignon, in the Castle of Bligny in Champagne and Geneva.

In october 2010, Mathilde Bouvard was invited to exhib some pictures in La Monnaie de Paris, during the opening party of L'Imparfaite, magazine of the famous school of Sciences Politiques.

 The exhibition was also the object of several publications, documentaries, press articles, radio and TV programs (The Guardian, Le Soir, La Tribune….).


Mathilde did a second photo-report project in 2011: I'm hungry!, dealing with contemporary starvation and big poverty in western Europe, but also food wasting, agro-ecology and news ways of food production and consumption. The exhibition was set in Paris (Galerie de Nesle : a meeting with the writer Robert Mc Liam Wilson and A.N.D.E.S - national network of social groceries – was organized) and in Brussels ( Maison du Livre with conferences about urban farming).

 In the mean time of this european project, she did a serie of portraits about ACT UP activist girls of Paris, fighting against matters like Aids and homophobia.


Mathilde Bouvard tries to give a socio-artistic dimension to her work, to transcend aesthetics and to transport the spectator in a social and involved conception of art.


Mathilde devotes 2012 to a more personal creation, research and travels (Island and Japan) after the creation and the management between 2006 and 2011 of Le Petit Laboratoire - S.O.U.A.D *, an Event gallery - bar - Atelier in the heart of Berlin.

In 2013, between two exhibitions, Mathilde start Atlantica, a new european photo-report project, about life in Atlantic fishing port. The first exhibition took place in April 2014 at the IFREMER and the last one in October 2015, at the Nantes University in parallel with an international colloquium on sea's illicites trafics a the City of Sciences. The exhibition was also set on  La Bulle d'Air  of Le collectif La Meute and Raumlabor Berlin for the Brittany Fest.


Since Automn 2012, Mathilde lives in Brittany.


In 2015, Mathilde Bouvard worked on a new abstract painting's serie an and co-organized Alternatiba Cornouaille in link with the festival of cinéma of Douarnenez.


Taking an "Harmonisation Bio-Energétique" training (mix between osteopathy and chinese medecine), woring about ecological matters, and becoming more aware about the ideas and actions impact, Mathilde writes Liens (links) in 2016: a new exhibition project mixing Art, Quantum Physics, Botany, Mycology, Marine Biologie and Oriental Medecine. Exhibitions will be set in 2018 and 2019 in several european cities, like Berlin (Luisa Catucci Gallery), Brest (Mac Orlan) and Strasbourg (Le Cabaret Onirique).

In automn 2017, Mathilde started arts workshops with adults and children and opened her office of manual and energy practice. She is also a member of L'Enhardie, an artistic association.


Since October 2017, Mathilde gives Art workshops to adults, children and babies ( l'Atelier du Chêne and L'Enhardie ) and she welcomes you  in her office La Main et le Souffe, as  a therapist.


In spring 2023, she created séjours Arts & Bien-Être. A moment to take care of yourself through artistic transmission and collective wellness pratices.





* The place benefited from several articles and photos in numerous guides of the city ( Zitty) or from outside like Le Petit Futé. It was also classified among 10 better night places of Berlin in 2008 by the English-speaking guide Time Out - Berlin and by Tip in its Speisekarte on 2008.