The universality of the beginning







Do you hear this breath, and this creating Word


who, from Tibetans to Hebrews, founds our worlds?


Does your head spin from the Universe's dynamics,


when Shiva and the whirling Dervish together danse?


Do you feel this spiral vibration


in the Dogon sky?




Do you remember ancient Egypt, conscious Tem becoming Ra,


whose light births Space and Time?


Do you remember when he then becomes two,


when from his Breath Elements are born?




Have you read the birth of Greece and the Universe,


when Uranus the sky mates with Gaïa the earth?


Have you linked the Alphabet of the celtic Trees


to the Book of Changes of cosmogonic China?




From Africa to Siberia


America to Asia


From the spider creating a weaved world


To the infinite and self-engendered snake


From the beings molded in clay


To the trilogy of the bow, the arrow and the target.




Always the same questions


About the Universe and our place in it


And often from North to South


From East to West


The same myths and considerations












Quantum Physics, Chemical Reaction,


Cosmic Energy, Atomic Molecule,


Biological Successions.




Energy precedes Matter,


Imbrication of Microcosm and Macrocosm


Einstein, Bohr, Heisenberg,


Physics and Mathematics,


Rubik's Cube of photons,


From Mount Everest to the Amazon rainforest,


Detour through Shrödinger.




Taoism and Arithmetics,


Neurological deciphering and cosmogonic tradition


When Science catches up to the universal tradition


Of an interweaved, connected, cyclic and dynamic World.




Whether you're a Nobel Prize winner or a Shaman,


your conclusion is interdependance


Waves and vibrations


As beginning and end,


Know yourself...


And you'll know the Universe




Between two algorithms,


New technologies and Electronics


Echo physiological Life





Organic electroencephalogram








Circular movement


of the Water going back to the Sea,


of Blood, from Heart to Body,


Spine, vertical axis,


Cosmic Tree, axis of the World.




Plankton, First Link,


So prodigal with Oxygen,


Mycelium, Fungi's weaving,


Earth's internet,


continuously communicating.




Fusion and exchange of informations,


Riding the wind and the roots,


of intelligent and united Trees


the older ones caring for the young,


the powerful ones helping out the feeble.




Whoever knows the language of Trees can learn from them


The past and the wisdom of our World.


Don't impose your own will,


let be what spontaniously must


occur at every moment.




The Earth doesn't belong to humankind,


It is Humankind that belongs to the Earth.


It is not someone else's fault, we contribute to it All,


We're not guilty, but accountable.