Feminist and Activist

Feminist and Activist

The new wave of activist girls!


To photograph feminist and involved activits women in another context than actions and other demonstrations, it is the base of this project. Besides, we wanted to show far from stereotypes about homosexuality.

Most of these girls fight against homophobia, and  are often themself touched by this problem, being a part of what we call the  LGBT movement (Lesbian / Gay / Bisexual / Transexuel).

These persons fight a lot on the Parisian and national scene for diverse causes, in particular the fight against AIDS, against homophobia, the living conditions in prison, problems of the illegal immigrants etc.

An wish to show an other part of life of these strong women, through an everyday life and an intimate relationship between the photographer and them.

The exhibition consists of twenty black and white photos, with a biography about each woman.


To see pictures of the exhibition, have a look to the french part

" Photoreportages - Féministe et Militante "