Photography became naturally essential to me. As a painter and scenographer, I had already notions of light and framing. Glance and curiosity were already here for several years.

I acquired my old and heavy analog camera in 2005. A Canon Eos 650 – launching year 1987, the first one of the Eos series. In other words: an antique, especially since the arrival of the all-digital!

A photographer friend sold it to me, and I bought a 28-105 mm lens; still by Canon, still second-hand.


I fell in love with it. I took my first photos in black & white during journeys in London, Berlin and Cracow.

In 2007, I started this photoreport about prostitution in Europe with this camera and some Illford black & withe films. The project took an unexpected dimension, and the photographs were finally exposed in ten European cities.

In 2010, I bought in a wide-angle lens. The Canon 20-35mm, one of the only ones who could adapt itself to an analog camera so old as mine.


I continue my photoreports with this equipment, using both lens.

I resist digital technology because of my love for silver grain.

The pleasure to see my photos on such a prestigious support as baryté paper.

And the excitement of not having the right to make mistakes, as would digital technology allow me.


Today my photos also evolve, and trips lead me to use more and more color films. But analog always. For the first glance and the emotion of moment.


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